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The history of the oldtimer museum in Kaprun

Helmuth Vötter had a modest childhood, with his mother he lived in a one-room apartment at a farm. His father died in the war. As soon as the quick-living young man was able to tackle, he had to work with a farmer at a young age – the reward was “the food”.

He was diligent and soon showed great interest in motorization. Even as a teenager, he fetched engines from the scrap dealer in his spare time and dismantled them, only to build vehicles that were ready to drive again. His special dream was a BMW-Isetta (small car) which he believed he could never afford.

The collection of historic vehicles began about 30 years ago exactly with this BMW Isetta, which he bought in poor condition and then lovingly restored in long hours. This laid the foundation for today’s vehicle museum, more and more vehicles were purchased for small money and then “brought back to life” in their own workshop and restored with a lot of personal work.

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Helmut Vötter

… was often ridiculed, not encouraged, but the goal was to preserve a piece of vehicle history for the next generations – today he can proudly present a beautiful vehicle museum to all interested parties.

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